What’s a McNaughton?

Sometimes your catalog search will turn up a book with the location “Popular reading –  (1st fl.),” and, you will see “McNaughton” where the call # would be:

The McNaughton Collection is a circulating collection of popular leisure reading materials.  Included in the collection are mysteries, romance, suspense, biographies, non-fiction, and general fiction. This collection is regularly stocked with new releases, so check the new titles list to see what has just arrived.

The books designated McNaughton can be found in on the first floor of the Drexel Library, facing the cafe area.

To locate a title or author  in our McNaughton titles, you can limit your search to “Drexel Popular Reading:

As you head out during the week for a little Thanksgiving rest and relaxation, consider grabbing a popular book for that plane ride, drive, or just for a cozy night at home.