Charity Navigator

Since last week’s major earthquake that devastated the country of Haiti, U.S. citizens have been eager to help out in any way they can, and the news has been overflowing with names of organizations that would gladly accept donations to go to the relief effort. But, like all charitable giving, it’s important to be informed about where your money is going. You might want to do a little background research first to make sure that most of the dollars you give directly supporting the cause, and not being stopped short by high administrative expenses, or heavy fund raising costs.

If you are planning to give to the cause of rebuilding Haiti, or any other cause that’s close to your heart, check out Charity Navigator – a site that rates charities on a four-star scale based on indicators like organizational efficiency and overall expenses. If you’re looking to get involved in a charity, it can also be a great place to read about the great variety of different types of charities offered in the U.S.

Take a minute to browse, and certainly give if you can – you just might stumble across a cause that you didn’t even know you were passionate about!