Longbourn - It's What We're Reading

2014 A monthly offering from Drexel Library’s staff about the books we’ve read.

11/23/63 Longbourn
Jo Baker

If you are lover of Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey, you cannot miss the novel, Longbourn by Jo Baker. The novel is the imagined day-to-day lives of the servants working for the Bennet family downstairs on the ground floor of Longbourn. Mrs. Hill has her hands full managing the staff of four that keeps the Bennet family well fed, in clean and mended clothes, and always with a cup of tea at hand. Mrs. Hill is joined by her husband, Mr. Hill, the butler, two orphan housemaids, Sarah and Polly, and a mysterious footman, James. At the heart of the novel is a budding romance between the orphan-turned-housemaid Sarah and James who seems to have a complicated past and strange connection to the Longbourn house.

The representation of the Bennet family is as you might expect, Jane is quiet and lovely, Elizabeth outspoken and smart, Lydia silly and loud, and Mrs. Bennet as the social climber and a bundle of nerves. Mr. Wickham seems a bit more wicked, and Mr. Collins is a little more sympathetic, although excruciatingly unappealing. The story is light, but it is always fun to see the Bennet family from another perspective.

The book can be found on the First Floor in the Popular Reading section.