Champlain’s Dream: The European Founding of North America – It’s What We’re Reading

May 2011

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Champlain's Dream: The European Founding of North America

Champlain’s Dream: The European Founding of North America
David Hackett Fischer

We may know the name Champlain from a visit to the lake located between upstate New York and Vermont or have a vague recollection of it from a high school history class, but not many of us know much about the French explorer Samuel de Champlain, who was instrumental in the founding of North America during the early 17th Century.  Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Hackett Fisher (Washington’s Crossing) of Brandeis University brings him to life in his well-written and researched historical biography Champlain’s Dream.   Follow Champlain from the intrigue of the French Court across the Atlantic to his adventures in the wilderness with the native peoples of America and the settlement of New France (Quebec).   There is even some insight into the influence of the Society of Jesus during this time of exploration.

Champlain’s Dream
can be located on the 3rd floor book shelves or in the 1st floor audiobooks section   of the Library.  Tony Award winning actor, Edward Herrmann delivers a smooth and engaging narration of the audio work.