The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985

Disciplines that depend on historical analysis are varied: an English scholar might want to trace the public reception of Great Expectations at the time of publication, an Economics instructor might need to pinpoint the inflation rate of the British pound in the early 1800’s, or a Linguistics student might be investigating the use of the masculine pronoun over time.  Searching through primary sources is the cornerstone of this type of research,  and it often involves combing through yellowing pamphlets, thumbing carefully through crumbling personal letters, or leafing through old newspaper clippings.  Fortunately, as more and more of these documents are digitized and embedded into searchable databases, scholars and students alike have to bury themselves in the archives less and less often to access these primary sources.  The Drexel Library recently acquired an important online collection that will help with just such primary research: a digital archive of The Times, an important British newspaper, stretching all the way back to its first publication in 1785.   Not only does this database make the content of The Times available in full until the year 1985, it also allows you to view the content in its original format, with the original newspaper page layout.  Take a look at this amazing collection, and keep it in mind for future research projects!