Country — It’s What We’re Reading

May 2016

A monthly offering from Drexel Library’s staff about the books we’ve read.


Steel, Danielle

Carpe Diem-Seize the Day! Something everyone should be doing these days.

Stephanie Adams is a stay-at-home mother of three children and is married to a successful lawyer in California. Even though her marriage was dead, she stayed in it for her children. She stood beside her husband even when many would walk away due to his cheating scandal. That will all change in one brief moment. While on an annual ski trip with friends, Stephanie’s husband has a sudden heart attack and passes away.  She begins to struggle with the realization that she was dependent on being needed by her now grown children as well as her husband. She struggles to find herself and has a hard time with feeling lonely in her big empty house and being with her married friends brings back too many memories.  Then one spontaneous decision will change her life forever.

On her way home from a Memorial Day get together with friends in Santa Barbara, Stephanie finds herself on a lonely ride home. Through many wrong turns, she finds herself facing the decision of going home or going to Las Vegas. Deciding on Las Vegas, she meets a man while on a visit to the Grand Canyon. It turns out that the man she has met is the one and only country mega star Chase Taylor. While with Chase in Nashville, Stephanie begins a journey to find her true self and realizes that she no longer is the same women she was and never will be.  Chase makes her realize that she needs to seize the day!

This book truly shows the struggles of one woman who had a rough marriage and finally finds herself and her freedom. It shows the intricate ties between spouses, children, friends, and lovers. It also shows the shock of sudden loss and the freedom it can bring to oneself if they learn to seize the day!


Country can be found in the Popular Reading section on the first floor of the Post Learning Commons.