The New Policeman – It’s What We’re Reading

February 2012

A monthly offering from Drexel Library’s staff about the books we’ve read.

The Last Werewolf

The New Policeman

Kate Thompson
A magical tale from Ireland with a contemporary setting. Teenage fiddler J.J. Liddy notices that nobody seems to have enough hours in the day anymore and he is determined to find out where all the time goes. He journeys to the land of eternal youth, unravels mysteries in his family’s past and discovers, among other things, where all our missing socks really end up. Music is integral to this tale and each chapter is accompanied by a tune. The trilogy continues J.J.’s story with The Last of the High Kings and finishes with the stunning and very timely The White Horse Trick. Read them all: this series will really make you think!

This novel can be found on the second floor in the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC):
CMC PZ7.T3715965 .N4 2007