Vocabulary and Idioms

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: definitions and examples, often with pictures alongside definitions.
Visuword Visual Dictionary: Offers picture representations of words and word formation.
American Idioms is a website that lists the most common idioms used in the United States, with examples of how to use the phrase.

Grammar Resources
Guide to Grammar provides grammar explanations and examples for everyday use, academic writing, and speaking. It also includes quizzes and activities.
ESL Blues provides short tutorials, common errors explained, and activities to strengthen grammar usage.
Grammar Bytes provides links for YouTube videos, self-paced activities, common grammar terms, as well as simple tips and rules.

Reading Resources
The Times in Plain English provides stories from the New York Times that are straightforward to improve reading skills while learning about current events.
Many things provides current events with a listening component, so you can listen and read at the same time.

Additional Writing Resources
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant provides explanations and activities to practice the writing process from start to finish. This website also helps you when you are asking yourself “where do I even begin?”