Sophia '26

Criminal Justice

"I love helping people find the beauty in writing."


Sierra '25


"My favorite aspect of working at the Writing Center is getting to share the sense of empowerment I find in writing by supporting others in their writing process."

<b>Lleyton</b><br />Computer Science '24<br />  <i>Every new day is a blessing.<i></i></i>

Lleyton '24

Computer Science
<b>Aidan</b><br />Public Policy '26<br />  <i>Blooming where I am planted..<i></i></i>

Aidan '26

Political Science

 "I am amazed at the amount I have learned through assisting writers from a multitude of disciplines."


Louise '24


"I like being a Writing Center tutor because it is a refreshing way to tap into my creative side as a PharmD."

<b>Alex</b><br />Psychology '25<br />  <i>Be a better you for you.<i></i></i>

Alex '25


"I like working in the Writing Center because I get a chance to meet and collaborate with students who have skills, interests, and majors that are different than my own."

<b>Jimmy</b><br />Political Science '25<br />  <i>People are really good at heart.<i></i></i>

Jimmy '25

Political Science

"I’m honored to be a part of an organization that strives to help every writer find their voice through writing.”


Shayna '25


"I enjoy working at the writing center because I get to collaborate with writers from various disciplines and by assisting with their writing process, I learn a lot too."

<b>Shelby</b><br />English '24<br />  <i>Creative, unfinished, searching, discovering, curious, faithful.<i></i></i>

Shelby '24


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