What To Bring With You

If you are working on a class assignment, it is always helpful if you bring your assignment sheet with you. If you have already begun writing, please bring a draft as well. If you are looking to revise a paper that has already been evaluated, it is helpful for us to have the paper that includes your instructor’s feedback. Some writers like to work directly on their laptops or tablet devices.  That’s fine, too—whatever works for you!

What To Expect

Once you enter the Writing Center and have checked in with the receptionist, you will be introduced to your tutor at the start of your appointment. Your tutor will begin by asking you what you wish to work on during your tutoring session.

If you have a draft with you, he/she will then skim your draft, mostly likely asking you to read it aloud. Your tutor won’t correct your work or write it for you; instead, your tutor will read your work with care and give feedback on elements that are working well and those that could be working better. Your tutor will talk to you about the content of your work, helping you to expand your ideas or to articulate them more clearly. If you need assistance with citations, your tutor will help you with that.  If you need help with grammar, your tutor will help you with that, too, by pointing out patterns of errors, and working with you to identify those errors so you can fix them yourself in future writings.

Informing Your Instructor (Or Not)

You may decide whether or not to have a record of your tutoring session sent to your instructor. There is a question on the appointment form that allows you to choose this option. Most students do so as they want their instructors to know that they have made the effort to seek additional help for their writing.  Included in the report is a description of the writing issues that you addressed during your tutorial, written by your tutor.

Click on the video below for more information about face-to-face tutorials.