While our online tutoring option is synchronous, with writers and tutors meeting together virtually for scheduled appointments during our regular business hours, eTutoring is asynchronous. It allows writers to upload a paper (up to 7 double-spaced pages) and receive written and video feedback from a tutor by email.

eTutoring is not a copyediting or proofreading service. Our tutors read your work with care and give big-picture feedback, such as how well you respond to the assignment directions, the clarity of your argument, etc.

In addition to the document that you wish for us to review, we ask that, if possible, you¬†¬†attach your instructor’s assignment sheet when you schedule an appointment.

Please note that you will receive a response within 24 hours of your appointment time (all appointment times are set for 7 p.m. as a default).

You should only use this service if you are submitting a document at least two days before the deadline. For writers with longer assignments, we recommend making online or face-to-face synchronous appointments instead. eTutoring appointments are limited to one per week.