We’re happy to help your group with your project. We know that group projects are often difficult and stressful. Before you begin, though, before you get to us in the Writing Center, here are some do’s and don’t’s to help ensure that your collaborative writing experience is a positive one.


  • Try to have a positive attitude
  • Start early. Collaboration requires an extra level of time management that working alone doesn’t.
  • Schedule a time to meet each week
  • Decide how to communicate (text, email, chat)
  • Decide how the various parts will be edited together–and who will be responsible for that role
  • Be inclusive
  • Take turns being in charge
  • Show up to meetings on time and don’t refuse to meet
  • Stay focused during meetings
  • Be conscientious of your fellow group members’ time
  • Visit the Writing Center to go over your individual contributions as well as the final project 


  • Procrastinate
  • Be bossy/dominate the group
  • Shirk your work. Nobody likes a slacker!
  • Play the blame game
  • Give entirely negative critiques
  • Divide the work too early (the paper won’t be cohesive)
  • Enable members who don’t work.

Ready to Edit?

Once all the group members have composed their individual parts, it’s time to sew it all together. As you piece it together, watch out for:

  • Repetition
  • Lack of consistency and style
  • Choppy transitions

Ready to Edit Some More?

Make an appointment in the Writing Center! We ask that all writers who contributed to the document be present for the tutorial. If only one group member attends the tutorial, we can only work on the part of the project that that group member composed.