Carly Calhoun '21 and George Steinhoff '21, creators of the Writing Partnership Program

The Writing Partnership Program pairs a writer with the same tutor for a weekly session throughout the semester. The program aims to help writers achieve long-term writing goals through weekly assistance on any writing assignment, including academic essays, creative writing, discussion posts, lab reports, text analyses, business writing, journalism, research projects, and slideshare presentations.

The writer and tutor meet at the same time and day each week for up to one hour. During this time, the writer and tutor may focus on the writer’s assignments, make plans for future assignments, or discuss helpful critical reading and writing techniques. 

Sustained partnerships such as these can target broader writing issues rather than those tied to specific assignments. In addition, a strengthened tutor-writer relationship can allow writers to feel more comfortable sharing their work at any stage of the writing process.

If you are interested in participating in the SJU Writing Center’s Writing Partnership Program, please email Dr. Jenny Spinner, Director, at