A Poem by SJU Writing Studies Student Maura Shenker

Photo courtesy of the author.

Photo courtesy of the author.


Worldview Words That Describe How I Feel on a Sunday Morning in November After the Election – by Maura Shenker





Stomachacha-pained and ravanaged

my blue I’d blurry self. Eyerainful.

Blerked with nuked coffee

Infinite simile, intestinally twistoptic


My thoughts turn entrospectif

In the quiet of my domestisilo


Safety becomes my primary concern in this

Society of trumpeeting divisination.

With out honor; with out humor –

just a malignificent terrortumor.


Semi-radicalized extraspecticktocular

Intellectual pseudobscurbation


Corpse aquiver, mouth agape,

throat scorched with acid regretsting.

Unkind hindsight causes fleshtions

flashing: come up wanting (air)


Nerves blergomous in the silence

Ears straining for the clatterpanic of the




Their carnivagorging all consuming,


As a family we break freak feast

Ribbonibulous time streaming out.


Maura Shenker is the Director of the Center for Professional Development, an SJU alumna with an MS in Organizational Development and Leadership, and current Writing Studies student. Maura has an MFA in Glass from Ohio State University and a BFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a current board member of the New Kensington Community Development Corporation, a catalyst for sustainable development and community building in North Philadelphia, and lives in Kensington with her one-day-to-be husband, their two children (Maverick age 6 and Lucky age 3) and a very crotchety 17-year old dog.



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