Degree Requirements and Curriculum

The MA in Writing Studies requires 30 credits of graduate work. Six credits will come from a thesis project (either an analytical study or a collection of original creative material, 700 level). The remaining credits involve courses at the 500 and 600 level. The program includes provisions for internships and directed individual projects of various kinds.

All students in the program will take two core courses: ENG 550 - The Practice of Writing and ENG 560 - Rhetoric Then and Now. These courses provide breadth of perspective on all of the general issues and circumstances faced by writers in the process of engaging an audience and making a living through the craft of language. Other courses in the program are organized in three complementary areas:

AREA I: Writing and Culture (600-629)
AREA II: Rhetoric and Composition: Theory and Practice (630-659)
AREA III: Professional Writing (660-699)

All graduates of the program are required to have at least one course from each area; two courses in an area would create a concentration. All of the courses are designed to have writing as the center of concern, and many of the courses will emphasize getting pieces of writing for publication, from blogs to print.

Nota Bene:   Some courses may count in two different areas, but no single course can fulfill two areas in a student's program.  For example, ENG 614, "The Short Story," can count as either an Area I, Literature and Culture, or an Area III, Professional Writing.  Detailed course descriptions, available prior to registration, list which courses may count in different areas. In addition, some courses can be repeated when the content of the course varies.  For example, ENG 670, Fiction Writing, can be repeated.  Please direct any advising questions to the graduate director.

ENG 550 The Practice of Writing
ENG 560 Rhetoric Then and Now

ENG  600   Poetry Today
ENG  612   Biography
ENG  614   The Short Story
ENG  615   Road to Revolution in the 1960s
ENG  616   Writing and Inciting

ENG  617   Writing and Other Arts
ENG  619   Reading & Writing the Young Adult Novel
ENG  620   Special Topics in Literature and Culture
ENG  630   Composition Theory
ENG  635   The Writing Teacher Writing
ENG  636   Writing and Empowerment
ENG  640   Experiments in Narrative
ENG  641   Rhetorical Theory: Special Topics
ENG  642   Style
ENG  643   Special Topics in the Essay
ENG  646   Multimedia Storytelling

ENG  665   Memoir
ENG  668   Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENG  669   Poetry-Writing Workshop
ENG  670   Fiction-Writing Workshop I
ENG  671   Fiction-Writing Workshop II
ENG  673   Screenwriting Workshop
ENG  675   Special Topic Writing Workshop
ENG  676   Writing for Publication
ENG  677   Case Study: Public Relations
ENG  678   Case Study: Magazine Publishing
ENG  679   Special Topics in Journalism
ENG  680   Writing for Nonprofits
ENG  681    Writers at Work
ENG  682   New Media
ENG  683   Editing Practicum
ENG  684   Health WritingTHESIS
ENG  793   Thesis Project I
ENG  794   Thesis Project II

ENG  770   Directed Readings
ENG  771   Directed Research
ENG  772   Directed Writing
ENG  773   Directed Fieldwork
ENG  791   Graduate Internship

Degree Time Limitation

After the establishing of degree candidacy, a maximum of five years will be allowed for the completion of the degree requirements. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may request an extension of this time frame.