Writing Studies M.A.

Graduate, Master of Arts

The graduate writing studies program combines a traditional literature-based master's degree with a creative writing program by offering a wide variety of courses and providing students with a highly flexible, unique academic experience. At Saint Joseph’s University, writing studies students engage in diverse styles of writing, including short story, poetry, press releases, reflections on teaching writing, plays, adolescent literature, autobiography, biography, personal essays, and grant proposals.

Additional Programs in the English Department


English Major


A degree in English offers excellent training for many careers. The explosion of web-based communications especially has created a demand for engaging writers. Employers continue to seek talented, articulate women and men who can analyze complex situations, think critically and write creatively and persuasively. While some graduates pursue advanced studies to prepare for teaching, others establish successful careers in a wide variety of fields.


Minors in English, Journalism, or Creative Writing


You have chosen to major in another discipline, but you have always loved reading, analyzing and writing about literature. Or you may want to discover and nurture your own talent as a creative writer. A minor in English will help you develop the skills necessary to excel in any profession: the ability to think critically and write persuasively are skills that will continue to be sought by employers of all fields.

A minor in journalism is also available to non-English majors interested in developing a greater understanding of the news media's role in our world, or who wish to explore the writing and editing skills needed in online and print media.

Our creative writing minor prepares students to tell stories that matter by helping them develop an array of narrative techniques in multiple genres including fiction, poetry, screenwriting, magazine writing, food writing and personal memoir.