Gift societies enable Saint Joseph’s to recognize and thank our most generous benefactors. Their investment in our students and faculty affirm their belief in the value of the unique educational experience we provide. We are grateful for their generosity and support of our mission.

In recognition of our most committed and generous donors, Saint Joseph’s University offers several giving societies at varying donation levels that enable special opportunities for gathering, networking and experiencing the University’s impact and mission in action.

"I believe in Saint Joseph’s University, whenever I came off the tracks, it was St. Joe’s or Edwina that put me back on track. Between the two of them, they made me what I am today.”

Dan Amoroso ’70

Magis Society Member
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"As I started working at St. Joe’s, I really embraced that philosophy, and I wanted to integrate it into my life and support others”

Ed Balotsky, Ph.D.

Ignatian Society Member
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“By supporting Saint Joseph's University and being a member of the Barbelin Society, it provides me the valuable opportunity to give back to the community and help make a difference in students' lives.”

David Lam ’05, M.S. ’07

Barbelin Society Member

“The St. Joe’s that my generation attended relied heavily on charitable donations, to build buildings, expand its course offerings, and provide financial aid. It’s important that every generation continue that tradition of generosity toward today’s and tomorrow’s students.”

Joseph Dunn ’69

Crimson and Gray Society Member

“An education from a university as great as Saint Joseph’s can be the cornerstone of a person’s journey to greatness.”

Sharon O’Brien ’76

Magis Society Member

“I truly value my education, and know that if it weren’t for Saint Joseph’s, I would not have accomplished much of what I have.” 

Anthony Carfagno ’60

Ignatian Society Member

“I am very grateful for the experience SJU provided me and I feel it is important to give back to the University that opened doors for me.”

Jeremy Culp ’95

Hawk Athletic Club Member

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The Crimson and Gray Society

The Magis Society

The 1851 Society

The Ignatian Society

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