Philadelphia's Air Force ROTC

New Student Orientation Program

New Student Orientation Program (NSOP)

-24 August 2018-


Bring the documents listed below to orientation:

  • Original and copy of Birth Certificate (original will be returned)
  • Original and copy of signed Social Security Card (original will be returned)
  • Original and copy of official supporting documentation proving that you were in and/or received awards from Junior ROTC, Eagle Scouts, and/or Civil Air Patrol (not mandatory)
  • ACT or SAT score sheet
  • Copy of your high school diploma
  • Proof of Selective Service Enrollment (males only;
  • Certificate of naturalization (naturalized citizens only)
  • Copies of any college/university transcripts if applicable (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  • Sports Physical (see form below to have completed by a medical professional)
  • Tuition Payment (Money Order or Cashier Check) (SJU students will be billed via bursar’s office)– $100 per credit


Complete the following forms attached and bring them to orientation:


What to wear:

You may wear your regular clothing to the New Student Orientation, but once the semester starts, you will need to wear the following to LLAB, Class, and PT:

  • LLAB/Class: Black polo shirt, Khaki pants, and matching shoes
  • PT:  Gray shirt, black or blue shorts, white socks, and sneakers– if your shirt has writing on it, turn it inside out so the logo is not visible.


Class start date: 30 August