(Revised 7/25/14)

The Sacrament of Marriage is being celebrated in this Chapel.  These guidelines have been established to insure that the sacredness of this ceremony be maintained.

We ask that the photo/video personnel introduce themselves to the sacristan before the wedding.  The Photo/Video personnel need to comply with our policies for wedding photography.  Please give this form to your photographer/videographer.

1.)   Please do not enter the Chapel until the previous wedding is completed.

2.)   Photographers and video personnel may take pictures before the wedding.

3.)   Photographers and video personnel may take pictures during the entrance procession, but are asked not to interfere with the movement of either the procession or recession by having participants stop in the aisle.  Photographers and video personnel may not block or walk in front of procession participants at any time.

4.)   Once the ceremony begins, photographers are asked to stand near a pillar on the side aisle or at the back of the church in the center aisle.  Movement up and down the aisle is to be kept to a minimum.

5.)   For the video cameras, there is only one site permitted.  The Videographer must remain at the location throughout the ceremony.  Please check with the Sacristan regarding this location.

6.)   Since the Church has sufficient lighting, electronic flashes are not allowed during the ceremony.  Video cameras may not use spots as lighting aids.

7.)   A fitting reverence is expected at all times.  The church sanctuary may not be used for wedding pictures before or after the wedding.  That photographer is not permitted on the sanctuary platform at any time.

8.)   Due to time limitations, group photos of the couple and/or wedding party may not be permitted in the Chapel following the wedding ceremony.  Photos are permitted on the grounds of the campus, but not in any other buildings.

9.)   No chairs or furniture are to be moved by the photo/video personnel.