(Revised 7/25/14)

Saint Joseph’s University takes great pride in establishing the proper seasonal environment for our worship space.  This will be especially evident during the seasons of Lent and Easter in the Church year.

1)    The trees, plants, and flowers are not to be moved or removed for any reason. 

2)   NO PEW DECORATIONS OF ANY KIND are permitted in order to protect the surfaces of the chairs.  Tape, staples, or tacks are not to be used anywhere in the chapel. 

3)   FLORISTS: SJU can provide the flowers in the church for your wedding.  The flowers will be coordinated with the church environment and to complement your bridal party flowers.  We provide this as a service to our wedding couples and to ensure a quality liturgical environment for all the many services that take place in the Church.  As an option, you may also use Overhill Florist:  215-473-1872 or www.overhillflorist.com.

4)   CANDLES:  The church will provide the appropriate candles for the wedding liturgy.  For safety reasons, please do not move the candle stands.  In keeping with the liturgical rites of the Catholic Church, “Unity Candles” are not used.

5)   AISLE RUNNER:  Because of the nature of the floor and seating arrangements, aisle runners are not permitted in order to protect the safety of our guests.

6)   ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN:  Out of respect for the Chapel building and the safety of your guests and the environment, rice, birdseed, confetti, rose petals, and balloon launches are not permitted anywhere on the grounds.