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Victoria DiNaro is smiling in front of a pink wall covered in waffle cones. She is wearing a grey tank top and glasses.

Victoria DiNaro '17

Food Marketing and Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability


Internship/Job Position:
Demand Planning Intern

Internship/Job Company:

Tell us a little bit about your internship position:

"I worked with forecasting sales for brands like Essie and Redken, as a part of L'Oreal's Professional Products Division. I was also able to work closely with finance, marketing, and distribution and provide suggestions based off of the data I interpreted."

How did you get your current position?

"I took a lot of advice from my professors who told me to apply to companies that I shared similar values with. And when applying to internships or jobs, I tend to do a lot of searching about the company's background, along with educating myself about current events involving the company."

What is some advice that you would give to students who are currently searching for internships/who are about to do their first internship?

"Do a lot of research about the companies you are thinking of applying to; it definitely gives you talking points in the interview and you get an understanding of what the company values.

Another great resource is LinkedIn, alumni are very willing to help current students or other alumni by either internally submitting your resume or working on your resume or cover letter so it stands out in the application process. Don't be afraid to reach out!"