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Taher Beawerwala '19 (M.S.)

Grad Degree:

Business Intelligence & Analytics M.S.

Outcome Opportunity:

Career Advancement


Analytics Specialist


BDP International, Inc.

Briefly describe your position/opportunity.

"As an Analytics Specialist at BDP International, I’m constantly involved in leveraging enormous supply chain data and transforming them into actionable insights. As an asset free organization, Data is our biggest asset. The insights that we generate help the customer in making necessary changes to their supply chain process thereby improving efficiency."

How did you first learn about or get connected to your current position?

"One of the professors in my program is a C-Suite level executive at BDP International. During the course of that class we connected over our industry experience. He helped me connect with the right departments and I landed my Internship in May 2017. Since then I have been a proud member of the BDP family."

How did your SJU education impact your position or professional goals?

"I attribute my progress from being an Intern to an Analytics Specialist in just under two years solely to the academic education that I received during the course of my program. The courses covered relevant topics and dynamic changes happening within organizations and markets, better preparing you for when you step into the real world."

Did you participate in any experiential learning activities while at SJU?

"The Tableau User Group, or the “Make over Monday” lab, is one of the most vital resources available to all SJU students. I made great use of the help that was given in this outlet and it has helped me all along. Also, during my Marketing Program, I would connect with professors and would work with them on ad-hoc projects, this allowed me to get a feel of what to expect when I would step out in the real world."