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Stacey McLean is standing in front of a "Saint Joseph's Public Safety" sign in his uniform.

Stacey McLean '14

Grad Degree:

Criminal Justice

Outcome Opportunity:

Career Advancement




SJU Public Safety Department

Briefly describe your position.

"I am currently a Lieutenant in the SJU Public Safety Department. As a Lieutenant, I am responsible for the safety of all SJU Students and campus. I am responsible for shift scheduling, Investigations and Incident reports."

How did you first learn about your current position?

"When I got to St Joseph's University in 2011, I was a patrol officer. I was later promoted through the ranks and later became the 3 to 11 shift dispatcher/trainer. I was in the process of obtaining a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and shortly after getting my Masters, a position opened up for a Shift Lieutenant which required a BS or MS degree."

How did your SJU education impact your position?

"With a graduate degree, it gave me the opportunity to not only be hired under a higher pay grade but also it taught me some fundamentals on leadership and how to handle certain emergency situations."

What experiential learning opportunities did you take part in while a student at Saint Joseph's University?

"I attended and sat in on a number of AA (Alcohol Anonymous) and DA (Drug and Alcohol Anonymous) meetings. All of which were part of my learning activities."