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Ric Dortone is smiling in front of a stone wall.

Ric Dortone '15

Grad Degree:

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing MBA

Outcome Opportunity:

Career Advancement, New Career


Project Manager



What has changed for you since completing your MBA?

"I've had two big changes since I completed my MBA. Work: I was promoted to lead a global project for GSK Personal: I published my first children's book on Amazon called Witch's Pie!"

How did you get connected to these new opportunities?

"Work: Internal posting that I applied for Personal: My brother and I have always enjoyed the Fantasy/Magic genre when it comes to stories, movies, games, etc. We decided to collaborate on a children's book together. "

How did your SJU education impact your position or professional goals?

"Work: I don't think I would have received this position if I didn't go through the MBA program. Prior to the MBA, my experience had been primarily on the commercial side of the organization (Sales, Marketing, Training, and Operations). The program helped me learn about different areas of the organization (ex: Finance, W&D and Supply Chain) which were critical to lead this project which is a full end to end organizational change. Personal: Book sales have gone very well in the first 6 weeks and it's been due to the marketing knowledge I learned in the program (understanding the market, identifying your target audience, defining your value proposition, etc.)."