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Anthony Fattizzi is leaning to the right, smiling. The entire photo is black and white.

Anthony Fattizzi '15


Criminal Justice

Grad Degree:

Criminal Justice

Outcome Opportunity:

I got a job!, Research


Research Assistant


First Judicial District of Pennsylvania

Describe your current role.

"I am currently working as a criminal justice research assistant. After graduation, I began working for the Philadelphia Adult Probation and Parole Department(APPD) and received the opportunity to transition to a position with the Philadelphia courts. I am currently working under the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge which is a nationwide effort to rethink the way we use jails."

How did you get connected to this role?

"My current position with the courts was made aware to me through a job posting. The position at APPD was brought to my attention by a Saint Joseph's University professor."

How does your SJU education impact your position?

"At Saint Joseph's University, I obtained the strong research and analytical skills I employ in my day-to-day work. Between my undergraduate and graduate education at SJU, I graduated with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice field."

Did you participate in any experiential learning activities while at SJU?

"I was a graduate assistant for the Criminal Justice and Sociology department while completing my master's degree.  I also had a one year internship with the Intelligence Unit of the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. In addition, I am still a member of the Saint Joseph's University Pep Band."