The various environmental science degree programs are listed below.

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Environmental Science Student

Environmental Science Major


Saint Joseph’s environmental science major offers you a strong foundation in the natural sciences, which is the basis for understanding these complex issues. You will also learn about the history and study the literature of the movement, as well as the politics that affect it. Noted experts and researchers in their fields, the interdisciplinary faculty who will be your mentors in the classroom, the laboratory and in the field are intensely dedicated teachers.

The Environmental Science major provides a strong foundation in Biology, Chemistry and Physics while allowing students the opportunity to pursue their interest in the application of those (and many social science and humanities) fields to environmental issues.

Environmental Science student in the lab

Environmental Science Minor


Environmental science is the study of the interactions among the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment. The minor in environmental science provides you with the basic science needed to understand the complex, interdependent issues affecting our natural resources and open spaces. Coursework combines the natural and social sciences. Students choosing the minor also participate in the environmental student group, which organizes hikes, field trips and lectures; plants trees on campus; helps with campus recycling programs; and is active in coordinating campus Earth Day activities.

The Environmental Science minor is intended mainly for (but not limited to) students majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Physics who wish to expand their knowledge of Environmental Science.

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Environmental Science and Sustainability Minor


A minor in environmental and sustainability studies will help you understand how human activities affect the natural world. As you develop an appreciation for the interdependencies of ecology, economics, society, politics and governmental regulation, you will understand the role these relationships play in the biggest issues affecting our environment: climate change, declining energy resources, environmental disasters and other sustainability-related concerns. You will also develop skills to address the moral and social dilemmas associated with solving environmental problems.

The Environmental and Sustainability Studies minor is designed for non-science majors and focuses on the application of environmental science in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Business disciplines.

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5 Year Biology M.S. Program


Students have the option to earn a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.S. in Biology in our 5-year program for those wishing to leave Saint Joseph's with a Masters and additional training and research experience in biology. For those wishing to apply their interest in environmental science to the world of education we offer two pathways. The first is a 4-year combined B.A. in Environmental Science/B.S. in Education and the second is a 5-year B.S. in Environmental Science combined with an M.S. in education.