Using the Page Builder (Beaver Builder)

Pages and Posts are great for simple web content, and WordPress has some great built-in options for embedding media and creating photo galleries.  But what if you want to do something more advanced, like create text in columns, create a FAQ page utilizing an accordion, or make a really neat staff directory?

Enter the Page Builder

One of the plugins that is offered for websites on our WordPress system is Beaver Builder, which is a Visual Page Builder especially for WordPress.  Users of the SJU WordPress System can request to have this plugin activated on their sites.

Requesting Access to the Page Builder

Currently, the page builder needs to be activated on your website in order to utilize it.  This is a simple thing to set up; simply submit a ticket to the SJU Web Team and we will activate the plugin for you.  Then, you’re ready to begin!

Using the Page Builder

The Page Builder offers a number of built-in page layouts (templates) and ways for displaying content (modules).  Once the Page Builder is enabled on your site, you need to activate it on any page.  Simply edit a page, and click the “Page Builder” tab.

Video Tutorial

Here is a great video tutorial created by a web developer on YouTube about using the Page Builder that should help you get started.  We will be adding additional resources to this page along with additional tutorials to help you learn more about using Beaver Builder.


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