PLW 2019 Registration

General Instructions

The registration fees for the various PLW 2019 events are shown below. To register for any of the PLW 2019 events, please go to the payment website. See “Registration Types and Covered Events” below for a description of what each type of registration covers.

Registration Type On or before May 4, 2019 After May 4, 2019
LPNMR $350 $420
LPNMR Workshops $110 $135
Datalog 2.0 $180 $220
TaPP 2019 $140 $170
BX 2019 $140 $170
Combined registrations (see below for details)
LPNMR+LPNMR Workshops $430 $520
Workshop Pass $380 $450
PLW Pass $550 $660

At least one author of each accepted paper must register to (at least) the corresponding event by the early-bird deadline and present the work at the conference.

The deadline for early registration is May 4th, 2019. Due to scheduling constraints, in case of late registration some of the services or social events may be unavailable.

Please note that there will be no on-site registration. However, the online registration system will remain available until the end of PLW 2019.

Please be advised that we are only able to process registrations done through the online payment system and using credit card. In particular, payments through bank transfer are not possible.

Registration Types and Covered Events

All registrations include 2 coffee breaks per day, for the days of the event(s) you register for. Depending on available funds, additional benefits may be added at a later date.

Registration type TaPP 2019 (June 3) BX 2019 (June 4) Datalog 2.0 (June 4-5) LPNMR/Datalog 2.0 reception (June 4) LPNMR conference + dinner (June 5-7) LPNMR workshops (June 3-4)
LPNMR Workshops X
Datalog 2.0 X X
TaPP 2019 X
BX 2019 X
Workshop Pass X X X X X
PLW Pass X X X X X X
  • LPNMR: registration to the main LPNMR conference only. Included: all LPNMR social events (LPNMR/Datalog 2.0 reception and LPNMR dinner). Not included: LPNMR Workshops, Datalog 2.0, BX 2019, TaPP 2019.
  • LPNMR Workshops: registration to the LPNMR Workshops only. Not included: the main LPNMR conference, the LPNMR social events, Datalog 2.0, BX 2019, TaPP 2019.
  • Datalog 2.0: registration to Datalog 2.0 only. Included: the LPNMR/Datalog 2.0 reception. Not included: the LPNMR Workshops, LPNMR dinner, BX 2019, TaPP 2019.
  • BX 2019: registration to BX 2019 only. Not included: LPNMR, LPNMR Workshops, Datalog 2.0, TaPP 2019.
  • TaPP 2019: registration to TaPP 2019 only. Not included: LPNMR, LPNMR Workshops, Datalog 2.0, BX 2019.
  • LPNMR+LPNMR Workshops: registration to LPNMR conference and to the LPNMR workshops, as well as the LPNMR social events. Not included: Datalog 2.0, BX 2019, TaPP 2019.
  • Workshop Pass: includes registration to Datalog 2.0, BX 2019, TaPP 2019 and LPNMR Workshops. Included: the Datalog 2.0 social event. Not included: main LPNMR conference, LPNMR social events.
  • PLW Pass: includes registration to all PLW events, i.e. LPNMR, LPNMR Workshops, Datalog 2.0, BX 2019, TaPP 2019. Included: all social events.


Student interested in discounted rates should contact the LPNMR Doctoral Consortium chairs as soon as possible. The LPNMR-DC has a limited number of scholarships available for students. While students interested in participating in the DC receive priority, the scholarships are open also to students who do not intend to participate in the DC.


Cancellations should be done by sending an email to Marcello Balduccini (

For cancellations made before April 26th, 2019, 100% of the fees will be refunded minus a processing fee of $50. No fees will be refunded for cancellations made after April 26th, 2019. Reimbursement will not be given for late arrival, unused services, unattended events or early departure from the conference.


For any question regarding registration or payment, please contact Marcello Balduccini (