Dr. Mark C. Reed – 28th President of Saint Joseph’s University

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Production Team followed Dr Reed during his first day as new SJU president.

SJU Commencement 2015 – Recap

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Production Team made a brief recap of the SJU Commencement 2015.

Day in The Life

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What it is like to be a student at Saint Joseph’s University? What makes them special? Who are they?

Production Team’s project: The Day in The Life is an interesting serie of four current SJU students. Courtney, Teddy, Brian and Jessica.
The team will follow these different personalities through their daily campus life. They will share with you their feelings, experiences, anecdotes that will make SJU memories.
But at the end, their different stories will show you that we’re all part of the same nest as a hawk.

Behind the scene pictures

What is Mission Week?

The first annual Mission Week at Saint Joseph’s University took place from March 16 – 21. This was the week to come together as a community, participate to different kind of activities, discussions and much more in order to perpetuate service and giving.
Want to know how Saint Joseph’s University lived the Mission Week? Our Production Team was there and guess what? They made videos: Share it, Like it, Enjoy!

Mission Week Videos

SJU Faculty Experts

Acts of Journalism – Dr. J. Mike Lyons

As a former Associated Press reporter, J. Mike Lyons, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication studies at Saint Joseph’s University, is uniquely qualified to answer this question: How is the work of professional journalists affected by citizens who, armed with cell phone technology, regularly commit “acts of journalism”?

Acts of Journalism Video

Pope Francis as Pastor – Dr. William Madges

William Madges, Ph.D., professor of theology and religious studies, discusses Francis in the context of his two immediate predecessors.

Pope Francis as Pastor Video

Pope Francis and Catholic Philadelphia – Dr. Katie Oxx

In this video, Katie Oxx, Ph.D., give a brief history of Catholicism in Philadelphia and explains what the pope’s visit could mean for the area and the world’s Catholics.

Pope Francis and Catholic Philadelphia

Pope Francis and Servant Leadership – Dr. Ronald Dufresne

In this video, Ronald Dufresne Ph.D., associate professor of management, explores Pope Francis’ example of servant leadership.

Pope Francis and Servant Leadership Video

SJU Jesuits Speak about Pope Francis

In advance of Pope Francis’s visit to Philadelphia to celebrate the World Meeting of Families, three Jesuit priests at Saint Joseph’s University share their thoughts on Pope Francis and the papacy.

SJU Jesuits Speak about Pope Francis Video

Scholars Programs

Summer Scholars Program are proposed to SJU Students during summer. The aims of this program are:
1) providing students with an opportunity to engage in research or other creative activities “full time” for an extended period,
2) fostering close professional interaction between students and faculty mentors as an expression of cura personalis,
3) affording students with the opportunity to publicly share and present the results of their work, both within and outside of the SJU community.

The Production Team met with SJU students and captured the best and most interesting moments.

Keara Parciak (B.A. Music ’14) who composed a Mass: Mass in F Minor.

Maria Galassi (Biology Major ’14) and Dave Kays (M.S. Biology ’14). Their main work was to give answers to this question: What are the characteristics and size of the turtle population at Philadelphia’s John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, the largest remaining freshwater tidal marsh in Pennsylvania?

Dr. Elizabeth Becker and Thomas Bernardo (Psychology Major ’14) who researched about the paternal behavior in California Mice.

Follow their journeys through nature and art.

Scholars Programs Videos