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Dr. Kim Allen-Stuck
Chair, Climate Study Working Group

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Sue Rankin (

Susan Rankin, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Associate in the Center for the Study of Higher Education and Associate Professor of Education in the College Student Affairs Program at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Rankin’s research focuses on the assessment of institutional climate and providing program planners and policy makers with recommended strategies to improve the campus climate for under-served communities. Dr. Rankin has collaborated with over 70 institutions/organizations in implementing assessments and developing strategic plans regarding social justice issues.

Emil L. Cunningham (

Emil L. Cunningham, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Associate with Rankin & Associates and has worked with the firm since 2011. Prior to joining R&A, Dr. Cunningham worked in university administration, overseeing data collection initiatives, an innovative scholarship program focused on college student poverty, and work in Residence Life, Student Conduct, Educational Equity, alcohol prevention, Town-Gown interactions, University Development, and Academic Support for Student Athletes.

Climate Study Working Group

Dr. Kim Allen-Stuck

Assistant VP for Student Success and Educational Support

Dr. Janée N. Burkhalter

 Associate Professor, Marketing


Katie Bean

Assistant Director, Student Outreach and Support

Sharon Eisenmann

VP for Human Resources

Jim Grasell

Director of Institutional Research and Decision Support


Dr. Melissa Logue

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dr. John Neiva de Figueiredo

Associate Professor, Management

Jeff Martin

Associate Director, University Communications


Dr. Becki Scola

Associate Professor, Political Science

Dr. David Steingard

Associate Professor, Management

Kelly Welsh

Senior Director of Executive Communication, Office of the President