Employer Spotlight: Symphony Health Solutions

Symphony Health Solutions PictureName: Ewa Kleczyk, PhD

Position: Executive Director, Commercial Effectiveness Analytics

What does Symphony Health Solutions do?

 “Symphony Health Solutions provides…data, applications, analytics, and consulting to help companies gain…insight into the pharmaceutical market. Significant changes are radically reshaping the healthcare market, and the offered services provide a comprehensive, leading-edge perspective on the real dynamics that can make or break the success of brands.

 What does a typical day look like for you?

“I started my career in pharmaceutical consulting in 2005. I always wanted to help advance the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry by assisting patients and physicians in the healthcare decision-making process.

“After holding several positions within advanced analytics and client service teams, I am currently the Executive Director for the Commercial Effectiveness Analytics team at Symphony Health Solutions in Conshohocken, PA. In my position, I am responsible for successful project delivery, new solution and analytical approach development, consulting services with pharmaceutical clients, and leading a team of 20 in the U.S. and India. I also mentor and develop young professionals at my place of work and local universities.”

Why did you get into this position and field?

 “My background in economics and mathematics, as well as a deep belief in the importance of healthcare for the sustainability of a prospering country, [led me to] look for opportunities that would allow me to get involved in related industries, including…healthcare.

“Today, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are among the fastest growing areas worldwide. With the baby boomers retiring, there’s an even greater need to help seniors receive appropriately suited healthcare services, provide individually targeted treatments, and develop advanced therapies in the areas of oncology and other chronic diseases.”

 What do you like most about your position?

 “I truly enjoy being challenged daily in my position. There is still more I can do to help advance the field as a whole, as market research and consulting areas [are] moving into big data analytics. The industry starting to leverage these data assets to assess the economics of drug treatments and therapies as well as the Affordable Care Act policies.”

What advice would you give to young professionals trying to enter an advanced analytics field in your industry?

“I would highly recommend [that] any young professionals interested in a career in the advanced analytics field [should] pursue a doctorate degree in economics, mathematics, statistics, or other related quantitative areas before seeking their first job. The doctorate degree programs are structured to teach analytical quantitative approaches and methods, guiding rules of research, and independent thinking. These programs are usually very demanding, [as they] teach planning and efficient time management at the same time. [However], in my experience, graduates coming out of doctorate programs tend to progress professionally faster due to their independent thinking and well-established organizational skills.”