Summer Course Offerings

As you may know, summer registration has begun!  Here is a description of the course offerings:

AimeeSummer I: May 18 – June 27, 2015

 ENG 646: Multimedia Storytelling (Area II) – hybrid class (half in person, half online)

 Taught by Aimee Knight 

 Hours: one night per week, 18:30-21:45


In this course we will explore digital stories in an era of media convergence. We will employ an audience-based, rhetorical approach to the critique and creation of original content for online communities. Throughout the course we will learn how image, text, and social media work together to create powerful narratives. By the end of the course students will publish non-fiction, multimedia stories to online platforms such as Medium, Cowbird, and Steller.

Goals and objectives:

  • To examine the role of multimedia stories in an era of media convergence
  • To understand the rhetorical role of narrative, structure, image, and audience

engagement in digital environments

  • To produce engaging digital narratives by combining image, text, and social


Required Texts

  • Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer (2008) ISBN: 0316014990
  • The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best

Pictures of Your Life (2013) ISBN: 0761169237

  • Writer/designer: A guide to making multimodal projects. (2014) [Excerpts/


Summer II: June 29-August 8, 2015

ENG 668: Creative Nonfiction (Area III)

Instructor: TBD

Hours: twice a week, 18:30-21:45

In this workshop, we will read, dissect, discuss, and create works of creative nonfiction. We will learn to offer and accept criticism, to challenge our preconceptions of genre and style, and strengthen our chops as writers. To accomplish this, we will read and write and talk like crazy. We’ll analyze the work of published authors in the many subgenres of CNF. We will write our own pieces, and offer them up to the group for critique. I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening.


Note:  original post classified ENG 668 as Area I.  My apologies for any confusion.

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