Summer 2018 Writing Studies Courses

Registration begins on February 26, 2018!

Professor Eleanor Stanford

Summer I: May 21 – June 29, 2018 (CRN 20194) Merion Hall #382

ENG 576: Special Topics: Memoir (Area III)

Mondays & Wednesdays 18:30-21:45

Instructor:  Professor Ellie Stanford

In this course, we will read a wide selection of memoirs across historical time periods and life experiences. We will explore various formal and stylistic approaches and ask critical questions about confession and privacy, about what constitutes the sometimes amorphous genre, and why it has become so popular in recent years. Students will get to try their hands at different techniques and exercises. In both student and published work, we will consider the complicated matters of memory, imagination, and questions of emotional and factual truth. We will also explore possible venues for publication, both in print and online, and how to approach the publication process. The course will consist of discussions of reading, writing prompts and exercises, and workshop. This course fulfills Area III.

Dr. Kay Cosgrove

Summer II: July 2 – August 10, 2018 (CRN 20361) Merion Hall #382

ENG 600: Poetry Today (Area I)

Hybrid class – Online/ Wednesdays in person – 18:30-21:45

Instructor:  Dr. Kay Cosgrove

This course will serve as an exploration of the current poetry scene in America, beginning with Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, and reading through the High Modernist period to present day. We will focus in particular on how 20th and 21st century poets seek to define a distinct American poetics through experimental form and narrative structure. We will undertake a close study of the schools and theoretical concepts that define these centuries. Movements covered will include Imagism, the New York School, the Harlem Renaissance, the Neo-Confessional, the Contemporary lyric, and Language Poetry. We will practice our own creative imitations in an effort to understand how to “make it new?” as Ezra Pound suggested the modern American poet ought to do. We will have a ball. This course fulfills Area I.







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