SJU Writing Studies Summer 2016 Course Info

Registration for summer 2016 begins on Monday, February 22, 2016 at 7:00 am. Here are the offerings:


Eleanor Stanford

Eleanor Stanford

Summer I: May 16 – June 24, 2016

ENG 669: Poetry (Area II) – Monday/Wednesday

Instructor: Eleanor Stanford

Hours: two nights per week, 18:30-21:45

Poetry, many would agree, is language at its most intense and most alive. It asks us to push ourselves linguistically, spiritually, emotionally, with more intensity than perhaps any other genre. What better form, then, for any writer to learn from and engage with? In this course, we will read across a wide variety of styles, time periods, and cultures. We will consider what we can learn from these poems, as readers, writers and as human beings, that we can apply to other aspects of our work and our lives. We will also try our hands at writing many different kinds of poems as part of the workshop. This course fulfills Area II, Rhetoric & Composition.

Maureen Saraco

Maureen Saraco

Summer II: June 27-August 7, 2015

ENG 680: Writing the Grant Proposal (Area III) hybrid class – Mondays online/ Wednesdays in person

Instructor: Maureen Saraco

Hours: one night per week, 18:30-21:45


“Writing the Grant Proposal” is a hybrid course that will meet once a week on campus; the second weekly meeting will take place online. ENG 680 will introduce students to the fundamentals of grant writing, a critical part of working in the nonprofit sector (as well as in academia, the arts, and research). Successful nonprofit grant writers raise the money to allow an organization’s programs and specific projects to move forward, to facilitate growth and the achievement of key objectives, and, in many cases, to quite literally keep the doors open. Functioning primarily as a workshop, the course will pair each student with a local nonprofit organization, for which the student will serve as a “consultant.” By the end of the course, each student will have written a full grant proposal for his or her organization. The course will primarily emphasize developing convincing and compelling language for each piece of the grant proposal, but students can also expect to learn about a typical grant-making process and about how to conduct research to generate a strong proposal and to find appropriate funders. This course fulfills Area III, Professional Writing.

If you have any questions, contact Director Tenaya Darlington at or Heather Foster at


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