How SJU Writes

A student-directed interview series of writers in the Saint Joseph's community

How Classics Professors Write

Henry Bender, Ph.D.
"I think with writing, you do the thinking and reading first—that is, like tilling the soil. You can’t grow the crops unless you have soil and moisture to make things grow. And then you write."
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How a Student Activities Director Writes

Beth Hagovsky, Ed.D.
"You have to reread. I think a lot of people don’t reread their emails before they send them." 
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How English Professors Write

Melissa Goldthwaite, Ph.D.
Just do it.” I know it’s a Nike commercial, but it’s also very good advice.
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How Chemists Write

Peter Graham, Ph.D.
"When you can summarize a big idea in very few words, it’s like saying 'E=mc2.'"
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How a Deputy Attorney General Writes

Dave Tuason '03, J.D.
"Eliminate unnecessary words. It’s really key...."
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How English Professors Write

Ann E. Green, Ph.D.
You’re going to write and you’re going to fail. It’s not going to be the best American novel or an “A” paper all the time, but you just have to keep doing it.
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How a Chief Diversity Officer Writes

Monica Nixon, Ph.D.
"Writing allows people to digest, to have an initial response—even if it’s one that negative—and to revisit."
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How Campus Ministry Writes

Beth Ford MacNamee
"The more that I read, the more I have a sense of what my writing should look like."
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How Golf Writers Write

Tom Coyne, M.F.A.
"If we all sat around and waited for the perfect story, the perfect sentence or the perfect paragraph or the perfect chapter, if we’re not going to write till we have that, we wouldn’t write at all."
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How History Professors Write

Alison Lewin, Ph.D.
"Nobody writes as well the first time as the third time. Nobody."
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How Playwrights Write

Tom Smith, '18
"When it comes to writing a scene or any kind of fiction, I approach it by looking at other writing that inspires me...."
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How Campaign Directors Write

Sean Coit, '10
"Anyone can rattle off facts. It’s important to find the real people behind the facts."
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How Management Professors Write

Lisa Nelson, D.Sc.
"The best thing I ever wrote was probably in the first grade. I had to write about why my mom was the best mom in the world."
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