How An Athletic Communications Director Writes

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Nicole Philpot
Assistant Director – Athletic Communications


SJU Writes:  What kind of writing do you do now: academic papers, creative writing, diary, blogs, tweets, social media postings, etc?

NP: A big portion of the writing I do is game recaps and game previews. So, telling the story, in a sense, of what happened in a specific meet. And it’s always different. That’s what I like about it. It’s always interesting to tell a story in a different way, whether someone is achieving a personal milestone or a historical milestone.

SJU Writes:  What is your favorite aspect of the writing process, if you have one?

NP: I think that in terms of my job right now, it’s figuring out the story and telling it well. I think I’ve always been strong in writing, and I’ve always loved writing ever since I was little. I thought that I wanted to be an English teacher, and then I decided against it.

SJU Writes:  What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever written in your life?

NP: I’m going to have to go back to my thesis for this one. I took a class with Fr. Tom Brennan—he was actually my thesis advisor—which was super challenging, but I always got the best out of it. I always left my sessions with him thinking like, did I just go through a therapist session or something because it went so deep.

SJU Writes: Tell me one thing about your revision process.

NP: I am someone who will write everything out, mistakes included, and just get words down. And then I will go back and take on the chunks paragraph by paragraph. Editing and grammar—all that is at the end. My most important thing is getting all the ideas down. I just like bang-it-out in a sense. But I go idea first, content first, and then worry about all the other stuff.

—George Steinhoff ’21