DrupalCon 2013 Keynote – Thriving in a World of Change: Future-Friendly Content with Drupal

This is a pretty good keynote about the questions you have to ask yourself about what content is going to be displayed where and how and why on various devices. Thinking about how everything is structured to be displayed on different platforms. These aren’t technology problems, but human problems. Here’s the video on her website, along with her slides and notes – http://karenmcgrane.com/. I think this is a really great talk for all of our content creators and managers to watch, along with our team – it starts off a little slow, but watch the whole thing – she really hits home and makes some great points that I think our entire web team – both the web services and ucomm sides – could benefit from. She talks about getting people to adapt to new technology – giving people what they need, not what they want. Not caving in when they whine “I want Microsoft Word!” but showing them how entering content into fields is more useful and more extensible, etc. She recommends these books: Content Everywhere and Managing Enterprise Content (calling them “indispensible”), along with Card SortingInformation Architecture for the World Wide WebDon’t Make Me Think (which I know I’ve seen a copy of around here), and Prototyping. I think some of these look really interesting/valuable – especially because we are constantly struggling with IA issues here. A quote from her talk:

“Focus on that … person who is never, ever, ever going to call themselves an Information Architect, but sure does need some basic IA skills to do their jobs.”

– Lou Rosenfeld (author of the above IA O’Reilly book)

Back from DrupalCon!

We’re back from DrupalCon, which was a great time – Portland is a pretty cool city, and we met a ton of other developers in Higher Ed – including one from Creighton, which is where Father Lannon is now – small world! I’m currently summarizing some of the sessions for our team, but I’ll post a few of those here, too. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with the many, many higher ed people we met in Portland and learning and growing from the contacts we’ve made.


Matt and Alanna are off to Portland, Oregon next week for Drupalcon. We’re hoping to meet a lot of higher ed folks and gain some insight on managing university sites with Drupal. Expect a recap when we get back!


Here the Web Services Team (Joel, Matt, Alanna, and Kelly Anne) will be detailing our triumphs and tragedies as we deal with maintaining, upgrading, and always improving the Saint Joseph’s University websites. Most of our days are spent working with Drupal, Cascade, and WordPress. Expect some technical posts, reviews of software and tools, and information about what we do and how we do it.