Project Management & Projects in the Works

We’ve all now attended the Project Management Essentials training, so we’re hoping that the processes we learned through that will help  us to be super-efficient. We’re also using some new project tracking and wiki/collaboration software, so expect a post from Matt on that soon.

Currently in the works:

Distributed Content Management – allowing users to authenticate to the site through LDAP and edit/create content. This is tricky because we need many levels of permissions and roles, and we need to make sure that the publishing workflow is set up correctly to notify content managers of new and updated content. We’re hoping to roll this out soon because it’s been a long time coming, but we’re switching from Workbench to Revisioning because of a conflict with the Workbench module, so that’s set us back some.

Map & Virtual Tour – Fixing and vastly improving/developing a new campus map and virtual tour. This project is in its infancy but promises to be really great for prospective students.

Updates to Majors & Programs – Fixing some issues, rearranging some content, and improving the search/filtering functionality so that site users can find what they’re looking for more easily.


We’ll also be working on some Cascade updates, WordPress additions, a new social feed for Admissions, a revamp of our internal menu system in Drupal, and a responsive design for our Drupal site. Not to mention the coming of Luminis 5! It’s definitely going to be a busy summer in Web Services.

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