HTML Encoding in Drupal Core Files

Today I was trying to override the html output of the Custom Breadcrumbs module, which put a double right arrow quote, or », in between the breadcrumbs, along with strange spacing. I couldn’t find where in the module this was being output, so I went looking through the core functions, but that’s super tedious. So I thought, “well, let me just search for the double quote and then I can see where this is being output!” So I searched for the html encoding string, which is


Yeah, no relevant results, mostly just jQuery files and a couple of .inc files. But of course, searching for the actual character led me to the theme_breadcrumb function. I overrode the function in template.php, where I was able to wrap the output in a span and add a class so that the spacing would reflect our styles, and change the divider. And now I know. Drupal core doesn’t user html encoding in its files.

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