Issue integration with Github and Bugherd

We’ve been working on ways to better track our issues and projects while we update and change things. One neat integration that we implemented today is Bugherd (which we are using for issues within the Drupal site) and Github (where we keep our code). We can now fix Bugherd tickets and close them just by mentioning them in the commit message to Github.

“Use commit hooks to update bugs quickly from commit log messages. That way, you can say things like “Changed X to Y, this fixes BH-123″ and it will update your BugHerd bug #123 with that message, and change the state to done. “

Matt also integrated Github with our chat client, Hipchat, so that we are notified of commits and merges, so we can see what the others are up to and when we are ready to push and go live with changes, which is really useful.

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