MISSION: The Wellness Educators are a diverse group of student leaders, trained through the Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) program and inspired by the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis (care of the whole person).  Wellness Educators empower others to make positive decisions in order to live healthy lifestyles, by providing a judgment-free environment through collaborative wellness-based educational initiatives to create an informed community.

What do the Wellness Educators do on campus?

Wellness Educators provide the following services for the SJU campus community in an effort to reduce high risk behavior:


Interactive and engaging workshops for student groups or classes covering the intersection of alcohol and drug issues as they relate to all areas of wellness.  

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Awareness campaigns to educate the campus such as The Fine Line Between Abuse and Addiction display or the #hawksforhawks social media campaign.

Check out this video made for Alcohol Awareness Week!


In collaboration with other students organizations, Wellness Educators put on the Wellness Fair, Love Your Body Fair, Black Out Day, and more each year.

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What can I gain by joining the Wellness Education team?

You will gain knowledge and skills, a supportive friend group, and experience that will set you apart when applying for jobs.

Gain Skills

By becoming a Wellness Educator, you will enhance your skills in communication, event planning and event management, social media marketing, teamwork and leadership

Gain Support

Social events are planned throughout the year and Wellness Educators will become the friends who will support you through your SJU experience and beyond.

Gain Experience

Network with others, learn and serve together, and attend regional conferences including the Health Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania- all to help gain insight to share with the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness Educator Testimonials

"I joined the Wellness Educators because I was looking for a group of students that were passionate about educating others about wellness issues. I have been a member for over two years because it is a great support system and an amazing organization to be a part of!" - Vincenza Bartholomew, Wellness Educator, Class of 2016

"Freshman year, I joined Wellness Educators in hopes to continue bystander intervention training for my peers from high school.  What I found was better than I could have expected! I have made great friends, have learned about many wellness topics, and have had wonderful discussions about new topics and planning events on campus." - Kayla Carroll, Wellness Educator, Class of 2016

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