Recovery Rocks! Speak Out

Each year, we have a different theme but always strive to focus on how we can speak up for those in recovery and speak out against the stigma associated with substance use disorders.  This year, the 11th Speak Out at SJU, we are focusing on how much Recovery Rocks!!  

We’ll begin on Friday, April 12th at 6pm in Campion, Sunroom 2 by giving all attendees a smooth rock and time to reflect on what recovery has given them.  Everyone will be invited to write on their rock what their own recovery or a loved one’s recovery has provided – perhaps peace, freedom, joy or faith.  Recovery can give us so many things that we wouldn’t have without it – like harmony, hope or dreams!  This rock will be yours to keep as a reminder of how awesome recovery is and just how much Recovery Rocks!


To begin this event, two students in recovery will introduce someone important to them who helped them in their own recovery.  Those special people will share their own story of their rock bottom, how they climbed the mountain and how recovery rocks in their life today.  After their personal stories, everyone will be invited to ask questions of the panelists.

After the Q and A portion, the event will become a Fire-side Chat Open Mic.  This means that anyone from the audience is invited to share anything they want about their own thoughts or experiences related to recovery.  The whole event should end no later than 730pm.

After this event, there is a weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) closed meeting taking place in the same space -Sunroom 2 at 8pm.  For those in this program or those with a desire to stop drinking, you are invited to stay and continue to connect with those in the recovery community.

This event is a powerful display of courage from Hawks who are living with a substance use disorder.  All are welcome to listen, reflect and speak – and recognize how much Recovery Rocks!



**If you are struggling with a substance use disorder or are looking for support for yourself or a friend, please reach out to Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Education (WADE) at or stop into Campion 231. You can also contact the Wellness Educators for more resources at or The Flock at**