The mission of the Flock is to support anyone affected by Substance Use Disorder.  The Flock spreads awareness of Substance Use Disorders and Recovery at SJU through an open  dialogue and provides a supportive environment and a safe zone for anyone impacted by Substance Use Disorder.

Please consider joining the Flock to help support the recovery efforts on campus.  To join, email


What does the Flock do on campus?

The Flock meets weekly to be a support for each other and talk about issues impacting their lives.  The group also serves their community by working to raise awareness of addiction and recovery on campus.  Some include:

  • Workshops for student groups or classes.  Currently, there are two options available via the Workshop Request Form that are hosted by the Flock:
    • Drugs Over Dinner: At this workshop, Flock members will show a short video then discuss it over a delicious meal.
    • True Story-I’m in Recovery: In this informal workshop, a Flock member will share their own experience with addiction and recovery and answer questions from the crowd.
  • Awareness Campaigns to educate the campus such as Allies of Recovery tabling activity, The Fine Line Between Abuse and Addiction display and other social media campaigns.
  • Educational Events in collaboration with other students organizations or departments such as Recovery Rally, Substance Use Disorder Speak Out, Black Out Day, etc.
    • To collaborate on an event or program, email

Members of the Flock at the Activities Fair

Why should I join the Flock?

Hawks fly together to utilize each other for support during a long journey.  Flying together in a upward spiral allows each Hawk to conserve energy, soar higher and keep up the endurance needed to make the long flight.  This is what the SJU Flock does as well.  It is a group of students who support one another in the lifelong journey of recovery.

They have fun with their peers and enjoy helping others in their community to realize a satisfying and productive lifestyle.  By joining The Flock, you will meet many new friends and find a supportive environment. And you can gain skills that will transfer into any professional setting.

Here is what you can expect to gain from joining the Flock:

  • Friends and an SJU family that will support you
  • Social events and fun opportunities like Recovery Walk, Recovery Night at the Ballpark, bowling and ice cream socials, movie nights and much more
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with your peers, other campus offices and student groups
  • Public speaking skills through facilitating workshops to groups or in classrooms
  • Experience in planning, coordinating and implementing small and large scale events
  • Leadership skills including written and verbal communication and team work
  • Community outreach, community service and campus involvement
  • Professional training and knowledge related to wellness, addiction, recovery, and advocacy
  • A connection to the many Resources for Students in Recovery at SJU

Regardless of Flock membership, you can also sign up for the The Flock E-newsletter which will come with information on recovery events on and off campus, highlight meetings in the area, share bios and interviews with people in long term recovery and include inspirational recovery readings for reflection.  This E-Newsletter comes out twice a month during the academic year and once a month over the summer.


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