Congratulations on making an effort to be in recovery!  Substance Use Disorder is a tough disease to conquer but you are on the right track.  Here at SJU, we can help you along your journey.  We have many resources on campus and can also refer off campus as needed.

You are not alone in our community.  Everyone at SJU only wants you to succeed and are here to support you.  Simply reach out to our office and we can connect you with students, faculty, staff and alumni in recovery who have volunteered this contact information to support students.

As a Jesuit institution, we promote the Jesuit ideal of Cura Personalis which translates to care of the whole person. We understand holistic health as an important concept within recovery.

Please look below for more resources to support your recovery.

On Campus Resources

Focus Inward

Focus on Building Strong Relationships

Focus on Your Academics

Focus on Your Future

Off Campus Recovery Meetings and Recovery Support

Road to Recovery

You can also find meetings on your phone!

Download the Steps Away app or iPromises app (or find another you like) directly to your Iphone, Droid or IPad.  These applications can help you find and add meetings to your calendar, share recovery reading materials, reflect/journal and join groups.