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The Alcohol Summit 2016 was brought to you by the Advisory Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Student Health.  The Advisory Council wants to create an institutionalized commitment to address negative alcohol behaviors campus-wide.  The goal of the Alcohol Summit was for participants to understand the impacts of alcohol culture on student success and well-being and to see themselves as key partners in supporting students and changing that culture.  The Alcohol Summit was held on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and was open to all faculty, staff and students. A total of 153 campus community members registered with 135 attending that day.

The conversation did not end there. We continued with a Summit 4 week mini-series, Dig Deeper: Summit Stats. In small groups, we delved deeper into the issues brought forth from the Summit and focused on answering the question, “Where do we go from here?” Please take a look at the Compilation of the Notes taken during these small group sessions.

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Scroll down to see all the components of the day in order including Scope of the Problem, Student Panel, Small Group Discernment and Questions & Answers. 

Scope of the Problem

The first portion of the day included Dr. Reed’s Welcome and Opening followed by data and research presented by 3 Members of the Advisory Council. Each segment is in it’s own short video below.  Click here to view the Presentation Slides from the Alcohol Summit.  It might be helpful to view the slides while watching the videos simultaneously.

Dr. Reed – Welcome and Opening (9 min)

Katie Bean – National Data Compared to SJU Students (12 min)

Dr. Eric Patton – Impact of Alcohol Use on Academic Success (18 min)

Dr. Mary-Elaine Perry – Blacking Out and Sexual Violence (18 min)

Katie Bean – How Does SJU Currently Address High Risk Drinking (7 min)

Student Panel

The second segment of the day included a Student Panel to share the authentic experience of students at SJU.  The 3 panelists were Vincenza Bartholomew, Zach Dahme and Alessandro Sparacio.  The panelists answered some prepared questions and then took questions from the crowd.  A survey was sent out prior to the Alcohol Summit so additional comments from students about the alcohol culture were shared during this panel as well.

Student Panel – (52 min)

Small Group Discernment: The final segment of the day allowed for participants to discuss, in small groups, what our community can or should do to address the alcohol issues presented throughout the day.  View a Compilation of Recommendations made from those in attendance. We encourage you to join us during one of the Dig Deeper sessions to continue to address this question: Where do we go from here?  We will continue to compile and add the responses from those sessions to this website.  Stay tuned…

Questions & Answers

Throughout the Alcohol Summit, questions were submitted via note cards to be answered via email to all those who attended. Click here to view the Questions and Answers.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Advisory Council for the next two-year term beginning June, 2016, please contact Katie Bean at for more information.

This Advisory Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Student Health is made up of faculty, staff and students and is charged with addressing issues related to alcohol use at an institutional level.  The Advisory Council, mandated by the University Council in 1987, will continue to develop an overall vision and plan for the wellness, alcohol and drug education needs of our institution, foster campus dialogue regarding alcohol and drug abuse within our community, and work towards institutional support for alcohol abuse prevention.

Many Thanks to all those who helped make the Alcohol Summit especially the 2014-2016 Members of the Advisory Council on Alcohol Drugs and Student Health

  • Michael Alleruzzo Visiting Professor, Management
  • Katie Bean Assistant Director of Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE), Student Outreach & Support
  • Marci Berney Director, Student Outreach & Support / Case Manager
  • Bill Bordak Director, Community Standards
  • Jess Brown Residential Hall Manager, Residence Life
  • Emily Forte Assistant Director, Community Standards
  • Charles Hamburg Head Coach, Men’s Baseball
  • Laura Hurst Director, Student Health
  • Jade Logan Substance Abuse Specialist/ Staff Psychologist, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • Patricia Martin Director, Government & Community Relations
  • Eric Patton Associate Professor, Management
  • Mary-Elaine Perry Assistant Vice-President for Student Development, Student Life
  • Reecha Sharma Assistant Professor, Inter- disciplinary Health
  • Renie Shields Director of Compliance, Athletics
  • Sarah Smith Residential Area Manager, Residence Life
  • Eileen Sullivan Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Health
  • Tim Trucksess Shift Manager, Public Safety & Security
  • Daniel Yarusso Head Coach, Men’s Rugby