Haub School of Business Co-op Program

Open to Veterans Enrolled in the Haub Degree Completion Program

The Haub School of Business Co-op Program is now available to veterans who are enrolled in the Haub Degree Completion Program.  The Co-op Program partners with regional companies that offer full-time, paid corporate work opportunities, thus allowing veterans to more easily make their transition from the military to a corporate environment.  Below are key informational points regarding Co-op:

  • Co-op will not adversely affect GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon benefits.
  • All Haub Degree Completion Program business majors are eligible to participate in Co-op. Students must enroll as freshmen or as sophomores.
  • Co-op students work two full-time work terms (35 to 40 hours per week): September to December (mid-year sophomores) and January to August (juniors); these work terms have some flexibility for the start and end dates, depending upon employer need and student availability.  Students must follow these pre-set work terms.
  • Interviews for the sophomore work term take place between late-May and August; interviews for the junior work term take place between October and January.
  • Co-op students receive extensive, personal preparation for the job search:  an orientation covering expectations; networking with experienced Co-op students; an individual resume meeting with the Program Director; and an on-campus mock interview opportunity with a Co-op employer.
  • Co-op students enroll in specific Co-op summer courses (or Summer I courses, if needed), which allow students to participate in the Co-op work terms without delaying graduation.  Co-op students typically do not take classes during work terms.  However, if necessary, Co-op students can arrange to take one night class during each work term.
  • The salary range  is $10 to $20 an hour; most Co-op students earn between $14-$18 an hour.

Veterans who would like to discuss participating in Co-op should contact Dr. Todd Krug at krug@sju.edu or at 610-660-1103 to schedule an individual meeting, to secure an application, and/or to request a reference list of current Co-op students (including a veteran) to contact for a student-to-student conversation about the Co-op program.