The Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart (VEJ) program is designed specifically to provide the tools, education and mentorship necessary to allow disabled veterans to start their own businesses. We offer the latest training in business and entrepreneurship, utilizing the breadth of experience available through the renowned Haub School of Business as well as industry practitioners.

What will you learn?

Our program, designed in three phases, works to develop the
necessary skills associated with launching or growing a new
business venture.

Phase I

Veterans participate in a self-study curriculum with
online discussions.
  • The purpose is to provide the necessary grounding in business
    fundamentals and to formalize a business plan. This phase is
    eight weeks.

Phase II

This seven-day residency exposes veterans to a broad
training curriculum.
  • Includes classroom discussions, guest lectures from
    successful entrepreneurs, and opportunities for
    experiential learning.
  • One-on-one work with trained mentors enables veterans
    to further develop and refine their business plan.
  • A “Shark Tank” model is used to assess all business
    plan submissions.

Phase III

Veterans receive ongoing mentorship and a suite
of support services for six months after completing Phase II.

This program is provided at no charge to accepted qualified veterans.

Applications are due by February 13, 2015.  Veterans enrolled in the program will be able to begin Phase I in the beginning of March 2015.  Phase II (on campus) will run from April 26 to May 2, 2015.  Phase III will continue for six months following graduation from the on-campus Phase II residency.

Donors and Sponsors

To make a donation toward the Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart Program, please follow the instructions and link below to our University’s Giving page:

  • Click “DONATE” below.
  • Complete the Giving Form with your name, email, and donation/Sponsorship amount.
  • In the box titled “Other Designation,” type “Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart Program or VEJ.”
  • Complete the form, providing your billing information and confirming your donation.