What Do I Need to Know Before I Take a Trip?

Prior to planning a trip, you must obtain authorization from your Supervisor or Department Head. This person will be able to confirm approval along with your spending limits.

Careful travel planning is important for many reasons:

  • To maximize travel budget within the University
  • To avoid change fees to tickets
  • To ensure a smooth and productive trip for the traveler
  • To ensure the travel policy is adhered to

Questions I Should Obtain Answers to Prior to Travel

  • What are the allowable spending limits for this trip?
  • If traveling to a foreign destination do I have all the proper documentation?
  • If attending a conference, have all registrations been paid in advance?
  • Have I confirmed my lodging arrangements?
  • Do I have a University issued credit card for various expenses?

What Information do I need to make travel arrangements?

  • Fund, Organization and Account Numbers. Reservations cannot be made without this information.
  • Departure Date and Approximate desired time of travel
  • Destination Airport
  • Return Date and Approximate desired time of travel

What Do I Need to Remember During My Trip

  • Keep all receipts for your expenses
  • If traveling in a personal vehicle, record your mileage from place of departure to place of return.

Reimbursements are not allowed for personal expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Calls from Airfones and Railfones
  • In-room movies, except if provided for a group
  • Use of Hotel Spa
  • Interest and late fees on corporate credit card
  • Spouse, Children or Companion Travel
  • Cost of Additional Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic Beverages, unless related to University-sponsored entertainment
  • Expenses resulting from personal negligence of the traveler (such as traffic fines/violations)

What Do I Need to Do After My Trip?

  • Complete the Business Reimbursement Form
  • Attach all necessary receipts
  • Send the original reimbursement form to Accounts Payable within 10 days of your return date

Why Was My Travel Reimbursement Claim Returned?

  • You calculated your expenses incorrectly
  • You did not provide all receipts
  • You did not obtain the signature of our Supervisor (Mandatory on all claims over $100)
  • You forgot to sign your expense report

Transportation Information

The University has an established contract with Directravel. All travelers must use the University Travel Office for business travel. Travelers should contact the travel office to set up an electronic profile. Once travelers have done this, they will have access to the Online Booking Tool. This is the preferred booking method for all individual travel. The Online Booking Tool can be accessed at:


Travelers may not purchase tickets in first class.

When booking travel, all travelers will be required to provide the Fund, Organization and Account code in which the travel is to be charged. Reservations cannot be accepted with the appropriate numbers.

Personal Vehicles
If you use your personal vehicle for University business you must record the mileage and submit for reimbursement. Mileage will be reimbursed based on the current mileage rate established by the IRS.

Rental Vehicles
The University has contracts with Avis, National and Enterprise. Direct billing is available from all three agencies.

Keep these things in mind when renting a vehicle:

  • Be knowledgeable of what to do in case of an accident
  • In the event of an accident, please report it to the Travel Office and Security ASAP.
  • Decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and/or the Liability Damage Waiver (LDW), as both are provided through the University’s Insurance Policy.
  • Always travel with your Driver’s license and University Identification Card.
  • Refuel your car prior to returning it to the rental agency.
  • Maintain all receipts for the car rental and all fuel purchases.

Lodging Information
If attending a conference, travelers are encouraged to book early. Many times conference space sells out quickly and room rates increase considerably. Should this happen, contact the Travel Office to see if there is a nearby hotel with a lower rate.

If you are not attending a conference, all hotel bookings should go through the travel office. You can book hotels using the Online Booking Tool.

Group space must be requested directly with the Travel Office.

Travel Office Information

The On-Site Travel Office is open Monday- Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Throughout the year there will be times when the on-site office is closed. Advance notification is sent via email to the University. During the times the office is closed, the agents from Directravel will handle the account. Directravel can be reached at 1-800-383-1403. This number can be used anytime of the day or night in the event of a travel emergency.

The Travel Office is not staffed as a call center, so there will be times when no one will be available to take your call. We ask that all profiled travelers use the booking tool for domestic and simple international air reservations.

There are many helpful links and information about the travel program and discounts on these web pages.

If you are looking to book a vacation package or cruise, please contact our assigned Leisure Agent, Robin Marcus at 1- 888-456-9195 or rmarcus@dt.com.