1)      Why do I need to use the travel office?

There are several answers to this question:

The primary reason is that of a safety issue.  By having our travelers use the travel office, we know where our travelers are at all times.  In the event of an emergency, we can generate one report and account for each SJU employee traveling on business and assist in getting them back safely.  24 hour emergency service is available to all SJU employees through our corporate travel agency.

By using one source to purchase travel, we are able to increase spend with the various vendors.  In doing this, we will earn discounts, upgrades and special perks that will be extended to all travelers.  An example of this would be our agreement with Avis.  Avis offers free enrollment for all SJU employees into their Wizard Preferred Program.

Air and rail reservations booked outside of the travel office will not be reimbursed per the business expense policy.  This policy was made in support of the above mentioned scenarios.

2)      How do I make a reservation and what do I need?

You can make individual reservations using the online booking tool which is the preferred method, calling the travel office at Ext . 1316, or you can email you request to travel@sju.edu.

The link to access the booking tool is: https://www.concursolutions.com/

Group reservations cannot be made with the booking tool.  Please submit a group reservation request form to the travel office.

All reservations require a fund, organization code and account number BEFORE the ticket can be issued.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

3)      What is the online booking tool and why are we encouraged to use it?

The online booking tool was introduced to the University in response to requests for such technology from faculty and staff.  This is a booking tool similar to Expedia or Orbitz.

It allows individual travelers to view and select their air or rail reservations online.  You can also confirm hotel and car rental reservations all from the convenience of your computer.  Once you have requested a reservation it is sent to the travel office for a quality control check and issuance.

All individual travelers are encouraged to use this booking tool for their reservations.   We need to maintain a certain utilization percentage in order to keep this invaluable technology available to the University.   The booking tool can be accessed at: https://www.concursolutions.com/

Training sessions are held throughout the year for learning how to navigate the booking tool.  Dates and time of these sessions are sent out to the University Community via email.  Individual training sessions can be requested.  All training is done by Bonnie Kania, our Directravel Account Representative.

4)      Do we have a direct bill agreement with any local hotels for visitors and interview candidates?

Yes, we have agreements at both the Hilton and Crowne Plaza.  Direct bill reservations must be made through the travel office, not on the booking tool.  The hotel properties cannot accept reservations from the candidates directly or administrative assistants.

5)      When should I use the Emergency Service?

The after-hours emergency service is for travelers with existing reservations only.  They are not set up to assist with future travel bookings or flight information.  This service should be used when you encounter travel delays/ difficulties when traveling on an itinerary booked with the travel office.  Fees are assessed each time this service is used.   Please do not call them to check on flight status.  The Emergency Service can be reached at 1-800-383-1403.

6)      How do I request school bus or motor coach transportation?

On the travel website, http://www.sju.edu/resources/travel there are many useful links and information.  When you click on the travel links tab, you will see forms that can be completed and sent to the travel office.  Your request cannot be completed unless these forms are filled out in their entirety.

7)      I am attending a conference where they have blocked hotel rooms; do I need to book this with the travel office?

No, you can confirm your reservation directly with the conference hotels.  The majority of times, the conference host has negotiated with the hotel and obtained a discounted rate.  If you are traveling and there is not a conference hotel, then yes, you need to book with the travel office.

8)      Is the travel office a reservation call center?

No, the travel office is not staffed as a reservation center.  Phone calls and emails are returned according to the date of travel and urgency.

Away messages will be on when I am not in the office.  Also, a message will be left on my voicemail.  Should you require immediate assistance during normal business hours when I am away from my office, please contact Directravel at 1-800-383-1403.