Testimonials from recent Rebound participants

"Getting the mailing letter home after the first semester was really the wake-up call I needed to realize that I was not reaching my full potential. The Rebound Program helped me cut down on bad habits and increase good ones."

“I liked that the Rebound Program gave me the opportunity to keep my scholarship while
being understanding of the changes and situations I went through first semester.”

“I enjoyed how there were different topics each week and it related to our real lives.”

“The Rebound Program gave me a chance to get back on track after a difficult first semester."

“I recommend the Rebound Program because it gives you an opportunity to bounce back from whatever happened last semester, no matter what it was.”

“The Rebound Program helped me understand my own struggles I was facing in my classes and helped me figure out my strengths when studying or getting ready for tests and quizzes.”

"The Rebound Program shows how people care about you from the transition to college from high school and how many other people are affected by it as well. It also makes you realize that you can make yourself better if you put some effort in."

"I enjoyed meeting with my mentor throughout the semester and having another support person to go to with questions."

For any questions or concerns regarding the Rebound Program, contact success@sju.edu.